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We were at CITYSCAPE GLOBAL 2018

Posted by elvisap on October 10, 2018
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To keep in trend with European and world events regarding real estate, we visited CITYSCAPE GLOBAL, a real estate fair held on October 2-4 in Dubai. Guided by the idea that fairs are an excellent way for networking (and we all know that Sarajevo has more and more foreign investors every day), we have decided to fund this trip on behalf of all clients who have trusted us, but also those who will recognize how our “Metropola” follows the world trends, keep investing in education.

We have come back in Sarajevo not only with an expanded network of contacts and projects, but also inspired by new ideas, more modern styles and a fresher way of thinking, which we hope to ultimately serve you, our dear clients, who show us confidence and encouraged us to always make better, more modern and more willing to change and challenge the time and technology.

Between all the good things we have brought from the fair, we want you to know that we have the opportunity now and personally to mediate in Dubai luxury apartments sales, whether it is a real estate purchase for their own use or those of exclusively investment character, ie rented. You already know how seriously we are approaching the job so please, ask for any information you need.

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